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University of Rome "Sapienza"
Piazzale A. Moro 5
I-00185 Roma (Italy)

Marconi Buildling
First floor, office 147

Phone.: +39 06 4991 4292
(24292 internal)
fax: +39 06 4957697
email: marco.grilli at roma1.infn.it

ORCID: 0000-0001-5607-7996

Member of the CLC  Theoretical Solid State Physics group of
the Physics Department  of the Sapienza University in Rome
Coordinator of the CNISM Research Unit at "Sapienza" University

Main activities:

  • Low-dimensional  superconductors
  • Systems with strong Rashba spin-orbit
  • High Temperature Superconductivity
  • Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
  • Electron-Phonon Systems
  • (Quantum) Critical Phenomena
  • Complex Materials
  • Disordered Systems

Last Update September 2015
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